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‘The Innovation’ Award winner announced at the Sports Betting West Africa 2018

Throughout the previous year, BetConstruct had been working rigorously and has now come up with many efficient and safe solutions for the industry, for instance in the business management environment, SpringBME.

BetConstruct, the software provider company is extremely confident and believes that it never lets its customers down, especially in the diverse and rapidly growing market of Africa that requires tailor-made gaming and betting solutions.

After receiving the award, the business development executive of BetConstruct, Hayk Sargsyan, went on to say, “We feel extremely pleased to receive the Innovation Award at Sports Betting West Africa. It is a major component of our vision to Bring innovative solutions to the entire industry.”

Sargsyan further added, “At BetConstruct we pay special attention to Africa, as it is a very important region for us, and thus we believe that it should be one of the top countries to enjoy benefits from those innovative solutions.”

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