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The closure date of Newport Grand Casino has been announced

On Monday, August 6th, officials from Newport, R.I. (AP)  announced the closing date of a Rhode Island casino has been finalised.

The official announcement was made by The Twin River Management Group, as it announced on  Monday that by August 28th all operations and games as the Newport Grand Casino would be stopped.

However, locals would not have to wait very long for a new casino as, the Tiverton Casino Hotel will officially unveil itself to the public on September 1st, just a few days after the Newport Grand Casino closes down.

Newport authorities also announced that a review committee would be appointed to review the operations carried out by the Tiverton casino Hotel.  After analysing all its operations around-the-clock for an entire year, the review committee will determine whether to make the hours permanent. It was also mentioned that no Alcohol would be served during overnight hours.

According to Operators, they say that this new casino will be competing with Twin River in Lincoln, which offers 24-hour gambling.

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