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Woolworths unethical marketing strategy to boost gambling exposed

Generic Woolworths Store pictures. ### Picture taken in Dogs Swamp shopping centre without permission. Picture: Ian Munro The West Australian 25/07/2016

Earlier in the week one of the world’s major supermarket company, Woolworths went on to confirm the news that some of its staff assigned to its hotels profiled pokier machine were asked to give free drinks to players in order to encourage more betting.

The supermarket giant has gone on to release the findings of a review which was forced due to allegations raised by Federal MP Andrew Wilkie.

As per reported by AAP reports, In order to keep gamblers on poker machines for longer periods, Woolworths-owned hotels had gathered detailed information and maintained profiles about the personal lives and betting behavior of those gamblers. The names of the gamblers have not been revealed as of yet.

Commenting on the matter, Gordon Cairns, Chairman of Woolworths announced that ALH Group, which houses Woolworths hotels business, has already introduced necessary measures to address the findings.

Cairns says that some of the practices, which were found at some venues in New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland, “are completely against the priorities and values of our clients as well as the communities in which we operate”.

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