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Washington DC and Illinois Next to Legalize Sports Wagering?

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Several states in the US are now considering legalization of sports betting after the Supreme Court struck down the PASPA in May calling the federal gambling regulations unconstitutional. This move has opened a world of opportunities for states, who can now draft their own sports betting and gambling rules instead of depending on federal laws.

Nevada, the foremost sports betting and gambling state now finds competition in the states of Delaware, New Jersey, and Mississippi, all of whom have recently adopted a positive stance on gambling and sports betting. Most recently, Illinois and Washington DC have shown interest in the sector and are planning to bring new regulations for sports wagering.

According to some reports, while both states are interested in legalizing sports wagers, Washington is keener to get its sports betting regulations established compared to Illinois. The nation’s capital is concerned with Virginia and Maryland legalizing sports wagering in their borders soon, which could take away valuable tax revenue from the state. Getting a head start over the states will make Washington more competitive for bettors, bringing a more significant share of revenue.

Washington is pushing to bring legalization to the sports betting industry, and it is likely that the laws will be drafted in early 2019, if not sooner. On Wednesday, the District of Columbia Council held a hearing to discuss a bill tabled by Jack Evans last month. The bill aims to amend the state gambling laws to include sports wagering. The final draft of the bill will be ready for a vote by early November.

Evans is also pushing for the Council to work swiftly to approve the law by the end of 2018 so it could be sent to the Congress for consideration. His goal is to legalize sports wagering before baseball season begins next year. The Council supports the bill but they are yet to decide whether DC Lottery should be the sole authorized wagering operator with a single technology partner or multiple licenses will be provided to private operators.

Illinois, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be as excited about the legalization of sports gambling. It is adopting a slow and steady approach and looking to establish concrete rules for the industry. The Illinois House of Representatives went for another information hearing on gambling activities, as it added sports betting to an online gambling bill that was approved last year.