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The largest sports bar in America plans on adding sports betting in-house

As more and more states in the USA have begun legalizing sports betting, Buffalo Wild Wings one of the largest sports bar in America announced that it is entering the sports gambling arena as it will look to incorporate gambling into its restaurants to provide an extravagant experience for its customers.

In an interview with ESPN’s David Purdum, a spokesperson for Buffalo Wild Wings went on to say, “being the largest sports bar in America, we believe Buffalo Wild Wings is positioned quite uniquely and can add sports gaming for enhancing the overall restaurant experience for our guests.”

The spokesperson further added,  “As we look to evaluate the future steps for our brand. we have been actively exploring opportunities, that includes highlighting a few potential partners.”

Earlier in May, following an appeal by the state of New Jersey, The U.S. Supreme Court lifted a federal prohibition on sports gambling. Earlier sports gambling was only legalized in Nevada.

Ever since the Supreme Court ruling, states like Mississippi, New Jersey, and Delaware have gone on to legalize sports betting.

ESPN’s Purdum went on to report that for Buffalo Wild Wings to enter into the sports gambling business, they would most probably have to partner with an existing gaming operator.

The Supreme Court’s ruling further enables all the states in the US to enact their own guidelines for sports gambling as they see fit.

Being a nationwide sports bar chain, Buffalo Wild Wings arguably suits quite well for sports gambling.

Buffalo Wild Wings could permit wagers to be placed in its restaurants itself, along with being a one-stop-shop for alcohol, wings, and gambling, something that every football fan dreams of.

Back in November 2017, Arby’s successfully acquired Buffalo Wild Wings for $2.9 billion.

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