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SBTech and Sazka Enter Multi-Year Deal in the Czech Republic

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After a long-awaited facelift of the Czech sports betting and iGaming industries, SBTech is looking forward to expanding into the European nation via a partnership with Sazka. The two reportedly inked a multi-year deal.

SBTech CCO Andrew Cochrane noted that the Czech Republic is one of the most promising markets in Europe and said that his company is hopeful of an emerging sports betting industry in the country. Its recent partnership with lottery operator Sazka speaks volumes about the profitable markets in the nation.

The new partnership is an addition of an initial two-year contract. The company reports notable gains in the Czech markets, despite the competitive nature and size of the sector. SBTech is working to bring more technologically advanced solutions that could help it maintain a dominant position in the country.

Cochrane talked about a configurable bonus engine and a more thoughtfully designed front-end look which will make navigation more intuitive for the users. He said that Sazka has a knack for innovation which has helped in progress in a short period. He also noted that his company is now looking forward to the future of the industry.

The Czech Republic first started working on renewed regulations in January 2017 as operators were given official licenses to operate in the market and develop the sports betting scene. Sazka, launched in the first quarter of 2017, spearheaded the revolution, providing Czech citizens a variety of betting options. Sazka suggests that it is satisfied with the technical solutions from SBTech.

Sazka CEO Robert Chvatal said that the complete sports betting solution provided by SBTech has helped them expand rapidly over the past two years. He also praises the accessibility and technical sophistication of its partner’s products, claiming that the company is expecting continued growth in the months to come.

As SBTech is working globally, it brings the best practices in tech from around the world and customizes to the needs of the local region.

SBTech is also working in Mississippi and New Jersey in the United States and is waiting for a green light to operate in Pennsylvania. In Europe, the company’s products will be offered in Sweden, one of the newly licensed markets in the region which will begin issuing licenses in the New Year.

The company is finding new opportunities quickly, which has led it to hire new talent as well. Recently, it appointed Jeremie Kanter as the head of compliance and Dave Hammond as the new COO.

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