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A casino in West Virginia teams up with local counsellors to help gambling addicts

This entire week is dedicated to ‘Responsible Gambling Education Week’, and to honour it a casino in West Virginia, USA has formed a collaboration with local counsellors to help individuals who may have a gambling addiction problem.

The tagline of the campaign reads, “With just a click of a button, one can place a bet that can risk it all.”

According to Debbie Maiorano, a licensed counsellor, “There are many Individual who unknowingly has a gambling problem, it is almost like any other addition where these individuals chase their losses.”

Notably, authorities of Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races have also announced that they will be participating in Responsible Gambling Education Week.

Speaking on the announcement, Northscott Grounsell, Asst. General Manager of Hollywood Casino went on to say, “We aim to see to it that all our clients have a good experience every time they visit us and do so with safety.

According to Casino officials, they said that they make use of various strategies to help their customers, these strategies include self-exclusion, financial restriction program, customer awareness and employee education.

Grounsell further added, “From an employee’s perspective, majority of the training includes allowing our customer to tell us when they think they have the problem and giving them the appropriate resource to solve.

For helping individuals suffering from a gambling addiction, Hollywood Casino has partnered with  1-800 Gambler. The official website of 1-800 Gambler shows that in West Virginia 42 percent of individuals have played slots at the casino.

2.5 percent of the state shows signs of gambling addiction and nearly 6.5 percent of the state are classified at-risk gamblers.

Maiorano then went on to state, “It can indeed be a fun game,” Further adding,  “But, if you see a problem and find yourself not being able to stop gambling or if you find yourself lying about how much you are gambling, there is help available to solve these issues.”

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